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We are explorers, mountain lovers, and entrepreneurs determined to change how travellers can plan, enjoy, and share their travel experiences. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Panomax Canada is a distributor of Panomax live interactive webcam systems. Share your panoramic views with the world and showcase your destination like never before with Panomax.

Panomax Canada partners with tourism destinations to offer visitors immersive travel experiences through interactive webcam software and live imagery. We help your target market interact with the towns and destinations they’ve dreamed of visiting, so their delight begins long before they arrive. With a user-friendly platform that allows marketers to captivate their audiences early on in the trip planning process, we are transforming how the tourism industry attracts, engages, and empowers visitors as they explore their next travel destination. 


The Panomax software enables tourism businesses to create authentic connections with potential visitors through high-resolution image quality webcams and interactive features that capture the viewer’s attention and interest. Our software was created in Europe to serve a huge niche market for high-quality interactive webcams. Today, Panomax operates worldwide with cameras in Australia, Europe, the Middle East—and now, right here in Canada. 


Panomax Canada is bringing standout new technology to our home soil, with a focus on Western Canada and the Canadian Rockies. With a powerful combination of an established brand and innovative marketing tech, we help tourism and hospitality companies attract more visitors, engage customers, and boost sales. Let’s empower your visitors to embrace their wanderlust, and turn them into loyal fans with memorable new ways to share their travel experiences with their networks. 

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