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6 key interactive webcam system features for ports and airports

November 22, 2022

Canada’s ports and airports move impressive numbers of people and massive volumes of cargo in and out of terminals across the country. These terminals serve as essential hubs for passengers and freight, and streamlined operations are necessary to keep operations running smoothly.

If you’re managing operations in these terminals, you know how important information and communication are to keeping things running on schedule. The right tech will have a broad range of interactive features to help you run your business more efficiently and offer new ways to deliver excellent customer experiences.

Exploring new technology can help you connect with more people and keep your current customers happy. For example, when the weather interferes with customer service or schedules, you need ways to optimize communication to help deliver on your commitments.

No matter your business, your customers’ experience can make or break your reputation. Connecting with customers to provide reassuring updates helps ensure they have the best experience possible, even when external factors threaten to disrupt business activities.

In this blog post about interactive webcam systems for port and airport terminals, we’ll explore:

  • Key insights for regional airports

  • Practical applications for ports

  • 6 key features of interactive webcam systems for busy terminals

  • How adding value for customers can give you a competitive edge

Key insights for regional airports

Aviation has been an important means of transportation in Canada for a long time. While most of us are familiar with the country’s largest airports, more than 18 million passengers pass through Canada’s small to medium-sized regional airports every year.

While you may try to minimize wait times for customers in your terminals, there are always factors that can create delays. However, customers appreciate feeling like they’re receiving timely communication and that they have some control over their situation. The best approach combines offering vital information to customers before they even set foot on your property with onsite solutions once they arrive.

Customers can view your webcam at any time via your website, pull up archives to see past weather and conditions, and see other points of interest in the area. In addition, public screens in waiting areas can present the webcam view to the customers to show weather and additional information.

With high-resolution imagery and interactive software, you can provide a full panoramic view of the area to customers who want to check in on weather conditions. A webcam system is an informational tool for aviation enthusiasts and travellers, offering reliable information for guests and pilots.

Practical applications for ports

With locations from Vancouver to Halifax, Canada has some of the world's most efficient and modern ports. These ports facilitate trade between Canada and other countries and are a significant economic driver.

Ports need to manage operations in all conditions and keep people and cargo moving safely and efficiently around terminals. An interactive webcam system can offer comprehensive information to your website visitors and customers at their convenience. A panoramic view of current weather conditions, a complete image archive, and interactivity can all help you keep things moving smoothly.

Visitors to these busy terminals need access to information to find their way around and access appropriate areas. Moving people and freight safely means directing visitors to registration offices, parking areas, washrooms, and information points as needed. Hotspots on an interactive webcam can efficiently communicate these details to visitors.

6 top features of interactive webcam systems for busy terminals

Terminals at Canada’s ports and airports must manage vital information for personnel and visitors. The expansive view offered by an interactive webcam system allows you to guide visitors efficiently around the site and ensure you provide the information they need to get the most out of their interactions with your company.

1. Display weather data

An interactive webcam system offers a panoramic view that you can enhance with a display of weather data. This information can be displayed live and stored with corresponding images in the system archives. The feature also allows users to go back in time to review the exact weather details of any given day in the system’s history.

2. Hotspots

Special flagged items on your webcam view, called hotspots, provide local perspectives and insights to guests visiting your website. You can highlight relevant information and local promotions to create an interactive visitor experience. Show people where to find restaurants, shopping, hotels, or other key businesses nearby. You can also promote partners, sponsors, and other businesses through these hotspots.

3. Panocut

Our webcam system offers a full 360° view where desired, while Panocut allows you to showcase smaller parts of the panorama. You can select a desired area or view, and our software automatically generates a new cutout for every new image taken.

4. Overview map

Our overview map shows the exact location of the webcam relevant to your entire site, helping visitors get a high-level sense of the site layout. As a user views the map, a green triangle highlights the currently viewed angle, adapting itself to the zoom level of the viewer. You can show multiple cameras on the overview map at once.

5. Password protected archive

You can choose your ideal privacy level for your webcam archives. For example, accessing the camera interface can be limited to those with a username and password, and different levels of password protection are available. You can also lock only a few features, such as Archive, Image Download, or Timelapse.

6. Emergency shut-down button

We provide an Emergency Shut Down Button to support the highest safety standards. This lets you immediately shut down the camera in case of an onsite incident. Once activated, the webcam will stop transmitting images and delete the last 30 minutes of images taken. Our team will reactivate your camera online once notified to do so.

How adding value can give you a competitive edge

As new technologies become available, every business must review its operations and consider if they are staying competitive. Tools that allow you to offer customers more relevant, timely information can give you an edge.

An interactive webcam system can give your customers reliable access to the information they need. In addition, it can offer valuable insights for planning and logistics, and give your customers a sense of control when weather and other factors create uncertainty.

Our interactive software and live, high-resolution webcams allow you to offer more to your customers. You can build lasting client relationships by anticipating a customer’s needs and improving their overall experience with your company in every interaction.

Book a call to discuss how high-resolution webcam monitoring can help you add value and improve customer experiences for those visiting your terminal.

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