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Travel marketing: an interactive webcam system walk-through

March 9, 2022

Marketing a beautiful destination seems like it should be easy, but the travel industry can be a competitive landscape. How can you stand out in today’s travel market?

Our live interactive webcam systems provide a powerful means for tourism and hospitality companies to attract more visitors, engage audiences, and boost sales. One of the ways we do this is by helping you connect with visitors before they even set foot on your property.

You can use the interactive components of our software to include targeted messaging, promotions, and storytelling.

In this article, we’ll walk through:

  • Why it’s crucial to begin engaging visitors long before they travel

  • How a live interactive webcam system drives business growth

  • Standout features of the Panomax Canada system

  • How the Panomax software levels up marketing strategies in hospitality and tourism

  • How you can battle uncertainty with an adaptable travel marketing strategy

Engaging visitors begins long before they book their trip

Our solution uses live, high-resolution images from our interactive webcam system combined with a user-friendly software platform. It’s designed to help you bring your marketing ideas to life and to offer a new experience to people diving into travel planning research.

Why not offer a rich, immersive experience to every visitor to your website, so you begin building connections immediately? High-resolution imagery of your destination provides an opportunity to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of your area. However, a few still images on your website aren’t enough to build a relationship with a potential customer.

Give people a chance to explore their interests more deeply and gather real information to help them imagine their visit. Then, capture their hearts with a consistent flow of breathtaking images and engage them with targeted marketing that makes every website visit feel like a customized experience.

Use the interactive features to tell a story, then use hotspots to offer information on the history of an attraction. Showcase nearby businesses, promote community events, and even share what locals love about the area.

How a live interactive webcam system drives business growth

We know that any marketing tool needs to be more than a shiny object to attract attention. As a travel marketer, you need marketing strategies that help you achieve your business goals for visibility and sales.

Let’s have a look at how the Panomax system can drive your business forward:

  1. Boosts SEO and draw more traffic to your website

  2. Provides actionable data and insights into your webcam visitors

  3. Offers a consistent source of high-resolution imagery for social media marketing

  4. Allows targeted messaging that your marketing team can update in real time

  5. Increases how long visitors stay on your website engaging with your content

  6. Stand out from competitors with beautiful imagery and an interactive visitor experience

Standout features of the Panomax Canada system

The interactive webcam software offered by Panomax Canada has a long list of features that can provide potential visitors with a rich, immersive experience.

Here are a few of the top features visitors find most appealing:

  • Hotspots to mark any destination or attraction you want to highlight

  • Trail marking to outline interesting trails nearby

  • Peak labelling to mark highest peaks and best vantage points

  • Overview map to help people plot out their trip and check distances

  • News ticker to highlight important health info, promotions, or events

  • Image archive with unlimited data storage

  • Time-lapse imagery for custom periods

  • Weather details in real time and at any point in the history of the webcam

  • Social media/ecards for sharing webcam images with friends and family

  • Branding and logos added to the interactive experience to help reinforce marketing

Check out this video demonstrating these features!

How the Panomax software levels up marketing strategies in hospitality and tourism

You can easily update the Panomax system to accommodate changes when your marketing team pivots. You can tailor messaging to your target market, and shift your focus to suit changing recommendations if necessary.

For example, you could quickly shift from connecting with local visitors to attracting international travellers as more people begin travelling farther from home.

High-resolution images taken in real-time

We offer real-time, high-resolution visuals of a destination versus standard photography or video footage that capture only a single moment. In addition, our image archive allows viewers to explore destinations at different times of the year rather than relying on a few images in a static photo gallery.

Customized marketing messages

Our system allows travellers to explore any destination by navigating through the system and exploring items of interest. For example, someone interested in hiking can pull up nearby trails, check the overview map to see how far it is to the trailhead and note current weather conditions. Another visitor might want to book a spa day with friends and see what restaurants and shops are within walking distance of their resort.

Sophisticated software

Panomax is a leader in interactive webcam software. Our team is dedicated to improving our software, regularly adding more features. Our system has a user-friendly backend with easy-to-update interactive elements. And, you get an image archive with no limits to the amount of data storage you use.

High-end hardware

We’ll assign a dedicated Panomax Canada team member to support your camera installation. Our cameras can be installed anywhere with 110-volt power and an RJ45 ethernet connection, providing advanced high-resolution hardware capabilities with 360° panoramic images. We can support installation for local or remote clients based on individual needs, and offer site inspections or drone shots to help determine the best view and camera location.

Battle unpredictability with an adaptable travel marketing strategy

Interactive webcam software is the perfect antidote to an uncertain travel landscape. Travellers want to connect with the location and determine what they plan to do in advance. Therefore, travel marketing strategies need to account for the industry's uncertainty while still offering inspiration and information to visitors.

Visitors need more from travel marketers than ever before. A live, interactive webcam system can help you stand out from the competition and offer an immersive, authentic experience unlike any other.

Research shows people enjoy trip planning more than actual travelling. As people begin to crave travel and dream of their next trips, the Panomax system can be a helpful tool for you to offer travellers to help them with travel planning research. You’ll help build the emotional connections, excitement, and positive experiences travellers have during the planning stages of a trip.

Book a call with us today and learn more about how an interactive webcam system could help you reimagine your travel marketing strategies.

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