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How webcams can benefit hotels during and beyond the building stage 

Updated: Jan 12

January 10, 2024

In the tourism and hospitality industry, it's all about the experience. Building a high-quality hotel while staying on budget is imperative to the hotel development industry.  360° high-resolution interactive webcam technology can help achieve both industry priorities. 

While content and social media marketing are incredibly valuable once the hotel is in operation, it’s important to consider the value of the content that can be generated during the building stage of the project as well. 360° high-resolution interactive webcams are great tools that can be used as a cost-saving project management and marketing tool during the building stage of the project and later, transitioned to a marketing tool once the hotel is in operation.  

In this article, we will talk about how to get the maximum from your investment in a 360° high-resolution webcam by purchasing and installing it in the building stage of a hotel development project. 

Benefits of installing a 360° high-res camera during the building stage 

Construction workers constructing a building.
Panomax webcam used for construction

Installing a monitoring camera during the building stage of a project can be extremely beneficial. By having a camera set up, you can track the progress of the project, as well as any potential problems that may arise. This can be extremely helpful not only to avoid extra trips to the project location but also to document the area with high-res imagery for further analysis and content generation. Additionally, by showcasing the webcam footage online, you can allow interested parties to follow the project's development from start to finish. 

Increased Efficiency Through Remote Monitoring 

Building a robust monitoring system with cameras can be a game-changer for construction projects. Adding 360° high-resolution cameras to your monitoring system has many advantages that can support your traditional security camera systems while offering new ways to increase efficiency. Here are four benefits of 360° high-resolution webcam monitoring: 

  1. 360° high-resolution webcams can be used for real-time remote project monitoring in high-resolution. This means that you can keep track of all the projects that you are working on and see how they are progressing. This is especially useful for construction projects or any other type of project where there is a lot of activity to keep track of. 

  2. 360° high-resolution webcams can be used for showcasing. This means that you can show potential customers, clients or stakeholders how your project is progressing. This is a great way to give them a tour of your worksite without being there in person. 

  3. 360° high-resolution webcams can be used for project documentation and archival purposes. This means that you can keep an archive of high-quality images of your project from start to finish, allowing the opportunity to look back in time to reference various points in the project. 

  4. 360° high-resolution webcam can support your existing security cameras. This means that although 360° high-resolution webcams are not security cameras, they do offer the ability for increased zoom capabilities via high-resolution image quality and an image archive to reference during investigations. This can potentially add valuable support to your existing security camera monitoring systems. 

Facilitate the work of the project management team 

Implementing high-res cameras can help improve a construction project manager's efficiency by enhancing communication, safety, and overall project scheduling. It can save money on the team’s travel and lodging expenses while allowing them to be productive in other areas. 

Here are several strategies to achieve this:  

  • Real-time visibility 

  • Time-lapse and playback features 

  • Stakeholder collaboration 

  • Cost and resource optimization 

  • Training, dispute resolution via the image archive 

  • Less travel time to the site required 

Benefits of a 360° high-resolution camera while the hotel is in operation


First, it will save time and cut the cost of external content creation services. As outlined above, time is money. Having a 360° high-resolution webcam consistently generating high-quality imagery, software engaging audiences with high-quality content, and the ability to download the camera’s performance reports with just the click of a mouse, leaves the marketing team more time to assess and improve the company’s strategy, while focusing attention on other important areas. 

Second, it will make your hotel more attractive to visitors. By using a 360° high-res camera, you can showcase your hotel and surrounding area, and engage customers in a unique way. This can lead to increased traffic to your social media and website, helping to improve SEO. 

Leverage camera’s technology to promote marketing 

While planning how to promote your hotel, consider leveraging webcam technology. A webcam can be a great way to promote your hotel and market your business. Here are four ways a hotel can promote marketing using a webcam: 

  1. A webcam can help you attract new guests. By setting up a webcam in a strategic location, you can give potential guests a live look at your hotel. This can help you generate interest and bookings from people who may not have considered staying at your hotel before. 

  2. A webcam can be a great marketing tool. By sharing live footage of your hotel on social media or your website, you can give potential guests a sneak peek of the area when they stay with you. The interactive software allows you to further engage your audience with important information, webpage links, and videos. This can help generate excitement and interest in your hotel, nearby amenities, or local tourist attractions. 

  3. A webcam can help you stay connected with customers. By setting up a webcam in your area, you can stay connected with guests who are using your services. Past visitors can re-visit their trip by using the image archive. Current guests can share the real-time view of the location with their friends and family. Future guests can explore the area and begin dreaming about their upcoming stay at your property. This can be a great way to provide customer service and build relationships with guests.

  4. A webcam can help you showcase your area while respecting privacy. By installing a webcam with robust privacy capabilities, you can showcase your unique area to the world, while protecting the privacy of your guests or neighboring properties. Advanced webcam software capabilities such as Panomax, enable you to automatically pixelate people and license plates and blur or remove any sensitive areas from the image, building trust and peace of mind with your guests.  

There are many other benefits that a hotel can gain by leveraging webcam technology. These are just a few of the ways that a webcam can help promote your hotel and market your business. 

Webcam technology can be a game-changer for the hotel development industry 

As outlined in this article, there are many ways that a hotel can benefit from having a webcam during and beyond the building stage. By utilizing this technology, hotels can save money and increase efficiency in project management, and marketing costs. If you are a hotel owner, developer, or project manager, consider adding a 360° high-resolution webcam from the building stages of a new hotel development. Contact us to see if this technology is the right fit for your project. 

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