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New ski area marketing approach uses high-resolution webcams

June 21, 2022

Ski Lift

Skiing has been a popular Canadian pastime for decades. Attracting families, friends, couples, and solo travellers, ski areas offer visitors the promise of a fun-filled day on the slopes. However, with approximately 275 Canadian ski areas competing for visitors, proactive ski area marketing is critical for companies to stay competitive.

Canada’s ski and snowboard industry is expected to grow by 22% in 2022, according to IBISWorld. How can your ski area capitalize on this growth? Focus on your online marketing.

It’s common for people to research recreation and travel before they book tickets and trips, visiting 120 to 160 travel sites before booking a trip, according to Expedia Group. Finding a way to catch and hold the attention of these eager visitors online is key to attracting and holding onto your share of the market.

In this article, we’ll walk through:

  • Challenges faced by ski area marketing pros

  • The best interactive webcam system features for ski areas

  • How the pandemic changed ski area marketing

  • 8 ways a high-resolution webcam can drive business for ski areas

  • Why building emotional connection attracts more visitors

Challenges faced by ski area marketing pros

It may seem like it would be easy to tempt visitors with breathtaking views and days of adrenaline-charged fun on the slopes, but like any business, ski areas face challenges.

Quick visits to your website that result in immediate exits don’t put dollars in the bank, but digital experiences that offer a value-packed experience can. Webcams provide gorgeous views, but it’s essential to consider what your customer is getting out of your traditional webcam setup and if you’re missing a valuable opportunity to connect with them on a meaningful level.

Tip: If all a visitor can see from your webcam is a snapshot of the weather when they view your website, that’s their only takeaway. And you’re not selling the weather.

Traditional marketing doesn’t tell a compelling story about your ski area or set you apart from anyone else. An immersive online experience can change that. In addition, consumers expect more from their online browsing than they have in the past, making now a perfect time to level up what you offer.

Best interactive webcam system features for ski areas

Ski areas need effective marketing strategies that engage new customers, provide a robust online experience, and help them stand out from the competition. An immersive digital experience with a high-resolution webcam and unique interactivity can help you check all of these boxes.

Go beyond hours, rates, and a collection of static images and welcome your customers into an experience that allows them to imagine their visit, explore possibilities and ideas in the area, and confirm everything they need, right from the webcam on your website.

Here are a few ways your ski area can attract and engage website visitors with an interactive webcam software system:

  • Label mountain peaks to inspire curiosity and connection

  • Create webcam hotspots for visitors to click to find targeted marketing messages

  • Display weather data, real-time views, and easily searchable archives of images

  • Showcase stunning scenery with both day and nighttime views

  • Provide an image archive to help visitors find and view any date and time in history, while also offering an option to create custom time-lapse imagery

  • Help visitors anticipate and celebrate special moments by allowing image sharing

How the pandemic changed ski area marketing

The travel industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with destinations and attractions of all kinds seeing massive dips in guest numbers. As the industry recovers, marketers need to be ready to meet the needs of travellers who have been at home missing out on trips for an extended period.

What do people do when they can’t travel? They go online, research trips, and book as soon as the opportunity arises. So as people prepare to book that day trip, weekend getaway, or visit you from outside the country, you need to be ready to offer everything they need to imagine, plan and book their visit.

Every visitor to your website is looking for a reason to stay, explore, and dream of their next alpine adventure. With an immersive online experience, you can draw more website visitors and help them design the adventure they want right from their interactive software.

How an interactive webcam system can drive business for ski areas

To stand out from competitors, you need a fully immersive online experience that helps potential guests recognize your ski area as exactly what they’re looking for. With the help of interactive software, you can customize their online experience, so they find all the necessary information to book their trip and so much more.

Navigating across the webcam view will reveal hotspots that link to nearby amenities, other attractions, and even accommodations. The webcam acts as a hub where your customers can plan a day, a weekend, or an extended stay in your region.

Here are 8 ways an interactive webcam system can drive business for your ski area:

  1. Provide a more compelling online experience than your competitors

  2. Extend the length of website visits from potential guests

  3. Help people plan their entire trip right from your interactive webcam system

  4. Attract international visitors who rely heavily on online details to plan travel

  5. Offset costs by partnering with nearby businesses using an established fee framework

  6. Use the system as an ongoing source of content for your social media channels

  7. Complement your existing fleet of webcams for a comprehensive experience

  8. Show off year-round activities to grow income during the off-season

Why building emotional connection attracts more visitors

After two years of limited travel, many people are eagerly anticipating their next trips and doing online research to make it a standout experience. High-resolution images do more than share incredible views. They create unforgettable experiences that begin building emotional connections from the first time someone visits your website.

Adding an interactive webcam system to your site empowers visitors to dream of their next visit and plan every detail of their trip. A custom online experience helps them craft a real-life adventure that perfectly matches their expectations.

Staying ahead of your competition requires a fresh take on your marketing. Book a call with us to discuss how we can change up your marketing for the better.

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