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Is better tech the missing piece in your ski resort marketing?

November 2, 2022

Canadians love to ski, and enthusiasm for this popular winter sport isn’t fading. A popular pastime in this country for decades, skiing recently became an even more attractive option as people looked for ways to stay active but avoid crowds indoors.

Last year, Canadian ski resorts welcomed an incredible 17.5 million skiers, and that number is expected to total over 18 million in the upcoming season, according to The Canadian Ski Council. Ski industry marketing needs to engage a huge volume of visitors, many of whom only visit during the winter months.

With 275 ski areas competing for these visitors, how can ski resort marketers stand out from the others? It’s remained an important question as these areas faced challenges in the travel and hospitality industry over the past few years.

In this blog post on ski area marketing, we’ll look at:

  • The factors affecting ski resort marketing right now

  • How ski resorts can market to visitors for the 2022-23 winter season

  • Ideas to leverage technology for more effective marketing

  • The key to standing out in a crowded market

What factors are affecting ski resort marketing?

While marketing your ski area over the past two years, you may have had to consider who could travel to your location, and adjust your messaging while restrictions were in place. Visitors might have needed more reassurance than in the past, and more flexibility in booking and changing their plans.

There’s also no ignoring talk of a looming economic slowdown in Canada–but don’t let that stop your push to connect with customers. Evidence shows that advertising during a downturn has significant short and long-term business benefits.

You can prepare for what’s ahead by embracing new marketing technology to help implement lean processes into their marketing strategies, says Adweek. Ski resorts hoping to have a strong winter season must find the right ways to invest in their marketing to ensure they drive as much business as possible while the snow flies.

How ski resorts can market to visitors in 2022

The best way to stay in step with your customer is to focus on their needs. If you can understand what your customer wants and validate their concerns, they’re likely to trust you. If you can then offer all the information they need to make a decision, you’re likely to keep them engaged all the way through to a purchase.

As we move from one period of uncertainty to another, there are still effective ways you can connect effectively with your customers. Skiers planning recreational visits and trips this winter will still have high expectations for:

  • Memorable first impressions via your website and digital platforms

  • Accurate and clear information online

  • Flexibility in booking their visits and any lessons

  • Reassurances that you can meet them at their skill level

  • Robust information on nearby amenities the whole family can enjoy

Remember, you may not have the chance to speak with every customer individually, so your website and marketing messages will have to do this job for you. Potential visitors need to find everything they need on your website to form a solid first impression.

3 ways to leverage technology to drive marketing impact

You may be employing digital marketing tactics like SEO, email marketing, social media, and paid ads, but these may not be enough to stand out from your competitors. After all, if you’re using them, so are the other ski resorts. So what’s next?

The trick for marketers is to get out ahead of others in the same industry. New marketing technology like interactive webcam software can provide valuable visitor data and insights into your customers’ interests, allowing you to offer a better customer experience.

Let’s look at three ways ski industry marketing can use technology in new ways to engage visitors and offer a more robust, memorable experience.

  1. Offer immersive website experiences

Allowing people to step into an experience before they even book their visit is a powerful way to make an impression. When you put an immersive webcam system to work for your ski resort, you drive a bigger impact right from the first website visit.

Immersive digital experiences that bring your customer into your world and create strong emotional connections far surpass still images on a website full of written text.

2. Provide timely updates

Customers need real-time information and images that help them make the best decisions for their visit. When it comes to a new season of snowfall and getting out on the slopes, timely updates can be the deciding factor for people looking for fresh flakes.

With the right technology, you can offer perfectly timed promotions, accurate weather updates, qualified images, and snow reports to potential visitors.

3. Support customers in sharing their experiences

We live in a time where people share destinations and plans when they are excited and post photos from the road or during a day’s activity. They want to share the impeccable view of the ski run in the same ways they share their running or hiking routes from apps.

Take advantage of this inclination for people to share their experiences and offer compelling ways to do so. It’s a way for people to connect, come together, and share common ground. If you can make it appealing and easy for them to do so, they’re more likely to want to visit and return to your site.

How ski resorts can stand out in a crowded market

Ski areas in Canada enjoy booming winter business, but ensuring you make the most of each season is key to staying competitive. It won’t be enough to just sell a stunning view through a few images on your website. Your customers have seen these visuals before, and they’re looking for something bigger to take away from every online experience.

You can deliver more effective marketing by showcasing what their trip will look and feel like, creating a rich experience customized to their preferences. Implementing interactive webcam software helps create deep, lasting impressions that can help draw visitors back to your website and engage them longer.

Ski resort marketing strategies that reflect the realities of our economy and the travel landscape are important. When you understand how the past two years have shaped customer expectations, you’ll be better able to meet their needs with marketing technology best suited for ski areas.

Learn more about ski area marketing strategies or book a call to discuss how high-resolution webcam monitoring can help you have your best ski season yet.

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